14 digital marketing gurus to follow – Part II

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As we all live in hyperproduction era of everything, getting the right info at the right time can be really challenging.

Especially if you would like to be in digital marketing industry. You know, there are a lot of digital marketing “gurus” but just a few that are real gurus.

So as we promised a few weeks ago, we are back with Top 14 digital marketing gurus that you can follow if you would like to get the right info at the right time because as Victor Hugo said:



So go and grab some ideas right now with those people!



Melonie Dodaro

Finally, lady among gentleman. Melonie has been ranked as “Canada’s #1 LinkedIn expert and social media trainer” by the media experts. Her expertise is helping business owners and other professionals ho to strategicaly use Linkedin and other social media in order to attract their desired audience by optimizing their Linkedin profiles. She does trainings, talks and consultative services.
You can find more about this outstanding women here:




Mike Stelzner

Michael is someone that we could say is a social media American dream. He is the founder of Social Media Examiner, one of the world’s top social media magazine. You can also find him hosting the Social Media Marketing podcast.

Michael is also a copywriting and content marketing authority. Until know he wrote some really cool books like: “Writing White Papers: How to Capture Readers and Keep Them Engaged.”


Check him out here:






Jeff Bullas

Jeff Bullas is an all in one. He is well known online marketing blogger from Australia, author of Blogging the Smart Way – How to Create and Market a Killer Blog with Social Media, and number eight on Forbes’ World’s Top 40 Social Marketing Talent.

Still not enough?

Find out more about him here:





Pat Flynn

What to say about Pat Flynn. He’s story is one of the greatest in the industry. He is what we all dream about.

Once upon a time, he worked a 9-5 job (sounds familiar?) at an architecture firm and loved the work he did and then he started studying for an advanced degree.

After a while he was bored making notes and flashcards, so he decided to use a blog instead.

Unfortunately (or not) the economic crash in 2008 forced his company to let him go.

He end up without a money to provide for  a family and all he’s left was a blog of architecture notes that didn’t seem relevant anymore.


One day he found out that his blog was getting crazy amounts of traffic from other architectures who were studying for the same exam so he organized his notes, created a product from it, and sold it on his blog.

And he made serious money out of it.

Now he is a well know digital marketing niche specialist that teaches others how to do the same.

Maybe you are the next one to be taught by this cool guy?




frank kern

Frank Kern

Ok, now we are talking seriously. Frank is considered one of the top internet marketing gurus in the world. Kern shares some information on his blog but seems that his magic lies into his subscription-based marketing program that is killing.

Beside that he is a successful entrepreneur and internet marketer business consultant.

His trademark blonde “surfer-style” haircut and laid-back style combined with his business acumen have garnered him a huge and loyal fan base.

Don’t miss him if you would like to stay a while into digital business:





Sandi Krakowski

Sandi Krakowski is another lady that will take your digital breath out. She is a Digital Media Marketing Expert noted by Forbes as a Top 20 Women Social Media Influencer and a Top 50 Social Media Power Influencer.

People around the world admire her for living an outrageous life, giving to many causes, writing, cooking and enjoying her family. And on a spare time she is serving over 2 million clients.

Impressive, right?

Her core is revealed in her powerful teaching on faith, belief and the power to famous #BEMORE in all areas of life.

You can find her at:






And here is the only person on this list who, believe it or not, isn’t a marketer himself. Matt Cutts has made a name for himself as the head of the webspam team at Google.

He leads the fight against companies and individuals who would use various tactics to influence Google’s search engine rankings in ways Google doesn’t want them to.

And this is why he is on the list. He’s an “expert’s expert” and one of the top guys SEO professionals listen to.

You can follow Cutts on Twitter and read more about him on his website


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