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14 digital marketing gurus to follow – Part I

In today’s fast moving life sometimes it is hard to distinguish the tree from the forest (read: to find the right solution for your problem) and digital marketing is not different at all.

Today more than ever the online marketing industry (no matter if it is SEO, PPC, social media, email marketing or something else) gives a unique opportunity for everyone who is in digital marketing industry to speak out and be a part of the global industry “voice”.

And like on the street, a lot of voices create– a noise.
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How to make outsourced development work as inhouse development?

Were you ever in a position of contracting someone to do office cleaning or maybe to fix your company car instead of you? Do you have people around you that you can share some tasks or you do everything by yourself? I can bet you were at least once in your career in position of hiring some professional to do some specific job for you that you were not skilled for (or didn’t wanted/have time to do it yourself), but how did you manage to contract and engage them properly in order to get the best results?

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8 things you should know about hiring outsourcing team

If you`re currently considering hiring outsourcing company or individual for a project you have and you want to know how to do it you’re on the right spot. Let me help you do it properly, because when you are starting a software development project for a first time it’s tempting to hire the least expensive developer (I admit it sounds like a good idea) that you can find on the market that seems capable. Read more