8 things you should know about hiring outsourcing team

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If you`re currently considering hiring outsourcing company or individual for a project you have and you want to know how to do it you’re on the right spot. Let me help you do it properly, because when you are starting a software development project for a first time it’s tempting to hire the least expensive developer (I admit it sounds like a good idea) that you can find on the market that seems capable.


Let me guess, your project needs to be done on time, you expect great delivery and last but not the least, costs within the budget or even below the budget, right? Let’s assume that there is no company or person in the world that would tell you that they wouldn’t deliver project on time and that their delivery of services is poor, only thing that has left is budget.  I agree that at the first sight principle of hiring the least expensive software development company can get you more for your money , less expensive project, faster ROI etc….but let me be the first one to tell you that it rarely turns out that way (mostly never).

Having the least expensive outsourcing for delivering great projects is what we call Yeti project. Everybody talks about it, but no one saw it. J

Real life vs theory

On the other hand, you have probably heard stories about people hiring offshore software developers and getting disappointed. During the economic crisis, it is hard to avoid the low skilled software developers who will do anything to get a job.

But there are some good tips that I’ll share with you to help make the search a lot easier.

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Are developers same as construction workers?

How can software developers be compared with construction workers? Well, let`s imagine for a second that you are right now in the process of building a house. You picked the location, you`ve got the money prepared for the new house (project), and you`ve got a few different contractors that have placed bids on your new home.

You have high hopes for your future home but at the same time budget is an issue. You decide to go with the cheapest builder thinking that you can always go back and update the home later on (seems familiar?).

What ends up happening is that you get a home with faulty electrics, an uneven foundation and the contractor leaves without completely finishing the job. Wouldn’t like to live in a house like this, right?

If we get back to the world of software development and website development the term “you get what you pay for” rings very true. I need to be honest with you, it’s not always the case, and you can definitely find amazing developers for amazing prices, but in general just be aware that this is not a place to mess around with poor developers.

Where to start?

Good question. When you have software development project in front of you, your goal should not be to find the cheapest developers possible, it is to find the most experienced, smartest, most amazing developer that you can get on the tasks, and later on worry about the budget.

Good starting point can be interviewing outsourcing team. Here are several topics that what would help you recognize a good outsourcing team:

  • Technology – How modern is technology they are using? Can you easily find another developer to continue the project if something goes wrong?  There is a big buzz in the market right know that you should not worry about technology under the hub, but let’s imagine you are building a car that has no spare parts, would that be good for you? Before choosing your software development company always investigate technology that they are using and be sure that end of life of that technology is not soon.
  • Experience – for business solutions you don’t have time and money not to get the best delivery that you can get for your money. Be sure that outsourcing team that you will do business with is experienced within your industry and that they know how to solve your problems. Ask them if you can call some of their reference company to hear their experience or even pay a visit to them.
  • Team – how big is their team? Are there any team leaders who are experienced in project management? Who is taking care of customer satisfaction and feedback? How scalable is the team? This should be one big topic that you need to get through with your potential software development supplier in order to be sure that your will have great long term business partner that can deliver you the best value for your money.
  • Support – How many different SLA they have? What is their response time? How does their ticketing system works? Do they have contact center that you can call? After the project is done you need to be sure your investment is safe with them and that you don’t end up with a project that can’t be maintained. This would mean you bought Ferrari that will stay in your garage. Do your homework and be sure they are on the market for some time and that they will stay.


Why should we put it this way?

In software development (as in construction) with the right developer team, nothing is impossible. Projects come in early, and things just work the first time and you can save a lot of money and time. And you have a lot, lot less stress.

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