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Our new premium responsive admin panel theme Proton UI has recently been published on Envato’s Themeforest and is available for sale at $20 USD. This is our second product of such kind. The first item we published – Photon UI Admin Panel Theme sold in more than 240 copies.

But, let me get one thing straight: Theme development for the sole purpose of selling themes on Theme Marketplace site such as Themeforest is probably not the best way to monetize your fine UI development skills.
Are you a talented individual? If you’re good enough to meet the strict Envato’s standards and get published you shouldn’t have problems in getting a much better paid gig, or a full day job that pays off multiple times of what you might earn by selling your theme.

A company specialised in UI development? Even in countries with lower standards programmer/designer salaries are high enough to make this business model not so good in long terms.

So why bother developing admin panel themes at all?

Here in Orange Hill we’re on a mission. We’re developing an open source CMS solution based on Laravel PHP framework that we hope will be a game changer in it’s own piece of universe. So we’re using Theme development as a ground to test various UI approaches and crowdsource QA and usability tests. Best of what we deliver in Themeforest will be used as a UI for our CMS. Getting paid in that process doesn’t hurt at all.

Competing with other top authors in the Marketplace that deliver outstanding work is a challenge by itself that pushes us to work harder and better. We’ve learned so much in the process: discovered new cool plugins, ways to tackle everyday programming problems and bringing that ultimate UI development task of delivering best user experience possible much closer.

Oh, did I mention that WE LOVE IT. If we weren’t getting paid for what we do we’d probably be doing it for free.

What else could you benefit from in the process?

Theme looks great in your Behance or Dribbble portfolio.
Theme increases your visibility to potential clients.
It’s a good way to convert idle time in between projects to quality development time where you’re free to do what you love the most.
And it gives you something to blog about I guess.

WordPress themes and Magento themes are definitely much more profitable branches so those are much better opportunities to tap into a huge Marketplace such as Themeforest’s.

If you’re truly passionate about admin panel theme development as we are you shouldn’t say no to it. Do what you love and what you do best. I hope to compete with you in Themeforest Marketplace someday!

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