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How to choose web design company?

As we talked in previous post about why it is so important that your web design partner truly understands your business strategy, today we will talk about how to choose right web design company for your business. Step 1 – Know your bottom line What you want your website and internet marketing to achieve? First step starts with questioning […]

Why your web design sucks?

  It has been 10+ years since we built a website for our first client and we are not ashamed to say that if we looked back, we did a lousy job. Yup, it was not even close to something if we looked back, we did a lousy job (even though we thought we did […]

8 Web design trends for 2016.

It is all about the content Website trends in 2015 will be focused purely on content delivery that will draw attention of their ideal customer. You can forget about flashy websites, multimedia pages and strong calls to actions. They will all be subordinated to delivering great content and leading end users to the actions that […]