How To Create More Accurate Web Project Estimations?

Project estimation can feel like the hardest part of the project and also the one that fails more often than not in most companies. When a new project offer comes in, there’s one thing clever management needs to do before quoting a price. That is to establish the cost of the project. It`s vital that enough information is presented by the client to be able to give even a basic estimate.

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Digital Ad Agency Technology Partnership

If you’re a digital agency looking for a technology partner – you’re in the right place! We at Orange Hill provide cutting edge technology solutions including website or web-app development, mobile or desktop app development, on-site and off-site SEO campaigns, Ad Campaign monitoring and management and other programming tasks.
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Laravel Four Test Drive

At the time of writing this post PHP community is eagerly expecting Laravel 4 release that’s due on May 28th. We at Orange Hill are readily awaiting this release, not so new to us. Thanks to Jeffrey Way’s evangelical tutorials over at Net Tuts+ we were first drawn to this framework, and then (boldly if I may say) dived in.

No regrets. Beta was stable at that time, so there were no surprises. Here’s our experience in test driving L4: Read more