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How to generate new clients for your digital business?

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Do you know Michael Jordan, a 52-year-old store manager in South Carolina? He played basketball as a teenager at the college where people used to say he is talented but never got to the NBA. Now he is leading South Carolina youth basketball team. And cleaning the store.

Luckily for all of us, this is not a true story.

Hard facts say that in more than 70% talented kids don’t make it to the NBA because of – sales.

Yup, sales.

They couldn’t sell themselves.

To the right manager.

To the right club.

To the right coach.

You wonder why this is the case?

It is very simple. There are a lot of kids out there who play basketball as good as MJ.

But the trick is – nobody knows about them.

How to attract attention?



Just to be clear about this, attracting attention and attracting the attention of people you really need is totally different. The first case can help you if you would like to be Kim Kardashian, but the second one is for the ones who would like to target a specific group of people.

„Drawing everyone’s attention is like trying to hit the center with shotgun“

The first step toward generating new customers is to create as much as possible website visitors from your targeted ideal buyer personas.

In other words, you would not like to draw the attention of anyone except a specific group of people that can become your long lasting customers. If you miss this step you will end up with a bunch of visitors that come to your website searching for something else and that would be a waste of time for both your visitors and you.

And even worse it would create a fake sense of potential business opportunities.


Step No.1: Attracting ideal buyer personas

Here you can read more about how to create ideal buyer personas for your digital marketing agency and after you finish first step about defining who is the ideal customer for your digital business, then you should start developing a strategy for attracting them.

One of the most successful ways of attracting new customers is through content marketing and social networks.

Your content strategy should be set up in such a way that whenever your ideal customer comes to your website, the simply says:

„Wow! This was what I was looking for!”

And you want him or her to stay there for a while.

Step No.2: Generating „Wow!“ content

First of all, let me tell you one secret….it won’t come fast. It won’t come easily. It may happen that you will never create such a good content that will launch you to the stars…but you know what?

That should not stop you delivering the best you can.

Something is always more than nothing, right?

If you are persistent enough to deliver the best you can, here are things you should consider while creating superb content.


The key thing you should never forget is that your content is intended for and only for PEOPLE.

Sounds logical?

Well, it is, but everyone who ever tried to create some content for their business was challenged how to think out of the box and create something valuable for his customers.

You can easily end up in a situation where everything you write starts with: „We do this, We do that…” which is something that just does not create value for your customers.

For example, if you are selling digital marketing services you can easily find yourself talking about some technical things, how you do SEO, why backlinks are important, how do you search for keywords etc…losing focus of what is the most important thing for your customer – solving some business problems they have or fulfilling some need they have.

So here are some tricks you can use in order to create people-oriented content:

  1. Stop thinking about what you do
  2. Stop thinking about technical things you do for your customer – yes, I admit that your knowledge of J- Query is important but please keep in mind that the most of your customers do not not know anything about what you do under the hub. As most probably you don’t know exactly what is under the hub of your washing machine.
  3. Start thinking how what you do impacts your customer’s life
  4. Start thinking what would help your customer grow their business or reduce cost
  5. Start thinking what kind of business problems your customer have
  6. Start thinking of ways your customer’s needs can be fulfilled
  7. Start thinking…..like you are the customer of your business

And one of the easiest ways you can do that is by simply asking your customers about their opinion.

For the exercise, make a list of your top 5 ideal current customers and pay them a visit, interview them and create a list of at least 10 answers based on above-mentioned topics and voila, this is your starting point for creating outstanding content.

#Developing trust

After collecting feedback from your customers, you should develop trust with your potential customers.

And one of the ways of doing it is – not sellinhttps://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/emphasizeg to them.

On the internet, you can find a lot of examples of great content creation but you can see that there is only one intention of that content – to sell.

A lot of sales people would tell you „ABC: Always Be Closing” which is not a necessarily bad thing to do if you do it properly.

Imagine that you met a girl in the bar and first night you ask her to marry you.

What are the chances that she would say yes?

You got the picture now.

Developing a trust is a process that takes some time and it should not be a big issue for anyone if it is done in a proper way:

  1. Empathize with your potential customers and understand their pain
  2. Focus on their problems
  3. Figure out how would the perfect world look like after solving their problem
  4. Find solutions (it is almost always more than one solution to the problem) together with them
  5. Work on the implement of the solutions

And the most important thing – be honest. Be prepared to tell to your customers that your solution is not the best for them. By doing that, you will be trusted advisor.

#Search for keywords

Until now your should have a list of at least 10 headlines (answers from current customers) that would target specific problems within your ideal buyer personas and now you should cross check those answers with online activities.

In order to create people-oriented content (don’t focus too much on SEO at the moment), you should search for real keywords and phrases that people use in order to find a solution for them.

Invest enough time in order to gather the right keywords and you will see how this will have a good effect later.

#Writing a blog post

Finally, here we are. A lot of smart people used to say that preparation creates opportunities and until this step you should be prepared to write an outstanding blog post that will attract the attention of your ideal customers.

Soon we will write more about how to write an article for your business blog and now we will give you just a hint what you should consider:

  1. Writing a blog post that has the same narrative as your customers use
  2. Be positive
  3. Tell a story that can reflect on your customer’s business problem
  4. Have a call to action

At the end of a day, your mission is to create outstanding content for your customers so there is nothing bad in inviting them to stay in touch with you so you could be able to provide them more targeted content.

And hey, who knows, maybe they will be happy to buy something from you. :)


Even MJ needed a promotion. I know that you are training hard, doing the best you can for your customers but don’t forget to promote what you do because if you don’t to that you can’t expect anyone to recognize your potential as trusted problem solver for them.

There are several ways how you can promote your content:

  1. Your website
  2. Paid ads
  3. Social networks
  4. Through your current mailing list
  5. …..

And after you start promoting your content this should not be the end. You should interact with your community. Listen to them, understand them and talk to them in order to develop trust and relationship. At the end of a day, they are just as human as you are.

What is next?

If your company would like to be like Michael Jordan in basketball (and does not want to end up like Michael Jordan from the store :)) sign up here to receive new article next week that can potentially help you implement useful ideas into your business  or download the free ebook and figure out who is your ideal customer.


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