Photon CMS – a future of content management and distribution

Photon CMS provides self-hosted content infrastructure enabling you to power content in any digital product.

Photon CMS is a commercialy available content managed system built and maintained by our team.

Photon CMS is a headless, API-based content management system. This means that all operations are performed via Photon CMS RESTful API. It also features an API wrapper that we call IAPI (Internal API) that you can use directly from your PHP application so that you don’t need to use the API via HTTP while coding custom functionality inside the same project.

Photon CMS can build traditional websites, but can also power your mobile or SPA apps, or basically anything that can be powered by a RESTful API.

Photon CMS is shipped with a Control Panel built using Vue.js so that you can create your project structure and administer content with ease.

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