Download our Ebook: 8 tips how to make (or break) your relationship with outsourcing team

Working with outsourcing team is something like maintaining relationship with your wife….on a long distance. You know, it is possible but you need to invest a lot if you would like to see some future.

Good thing about relationship with outsourcing software development team is, (except that they won’t get 50% out of your pocket in case of divorce :)) that you can always develop new things and bring some fresh ideas into your relationship that can work for you in the future.

And mostly, this is the scenario:
–    At first you cover what you can think of (mostly not enough for long term, but hey, nobody is perfect)
–    Then you “test” relationship for a few months (read: learning by doing)
–    After a few issues that pop up and that you solve together, you will be able to set up everything in a proper way

And in the meantime you can lose a lot of nerves.
Sound familiar?
We were that outsourcing team for more than 10 years and maybe we know a thing or two, so we would like to help you not to go through the same things we did.

So we created a small guide how to set up everything in a proper way and here you can download it.
And yes, it is for free, you know that only thing we would like from you is to share it. :)

Enjoy and talk to you soon.

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