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The Ultimate Guide to Successful Project Estimation Ebook CoverWe’re looking forward to helping you on your quest for successful project estimations.

This Ebook will help you become more successful in your project estimation process.

Here’s what you will learn about:

Common Project Estimation Mistakes

  • Miscommunicating your ballpark estimate as a final estimate
  • Estimating a project without consulting the development team
    Not using the right tools for the job
  • Project Estimation Techniques

Importance of project documentation

  • Analogous estimation technique
  • Parametric estimation technique
  • Three-point estimation technique
  • Bottom-up estimation technique

About contingency budget

Building a culture of accurate project estimation

  • Mistake most companies don’t realize
  • Mid-project scope change
  • Accepting projects with preset deadlines
  • What happens when a deadline is missed?

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