How to choose web design company?

As we talked in previous post about why it is so important that your web design partner truly understands your business strategy, today we will talk about how to choose right web design company for your business.

Step 1 – Know your bottom line

What you want your website and internet marketing to achieve? First step starts with questioning your needs to consider carefully your business goals and how you are going to measure success of a project.

Depending if you are launching a new company, rebranding current business or creating a new product line, your goals need to be matched with web design implementation.

For example, if your need is brand awareness, you will simply be providing educational information about your services or products so in this case, good visibility and a clear focus is needed.

By knowing your goals you will easily figure out if web design company fits.

Tips: How you should do it? Ask the agency to provide you case studies or examples of how they have approached a problem you are addressing and how they have provided a solution.

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Why your web design sucks?


It has been 10+ years since we built a website for our first client and we are not ashamed to say that if we looked back, we did a lousy job. Yup, it was not even close to something if we looked back, we did a lousy job (even though we thought we did a great job) and we did it more then once on our 10 years long journey.

And the good thing is that  there is one big thing we learned on our journey, something precious.

It’s called experience.

Even though we did not see it back then, we were guilty for a lot of things and for many different reasons. In fact, everything you’ll see in text, we did it. However, good thing is that eventually we learned how to perfect the web designing process the hard way, through customer feedback, research, data driven decisions, determination and tons of experience that comes after bad decisions.

Today, it may be safe to say that we are a very good web design company. If you don’t believe us, ask companies that gave us their trust, they can tell you a word or two.

But this text is not about us bragging what we learned in past decade and what kind of great experience we gained over the years.

It’s about everyone who would like to build a web site and not go the same thorny road we did.

So, let’s start with some of the hard lessons we wish you not to experience.

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Why web design should be the foundation of your digital marketing strategy?


We need to face it. I know it’s not going to be easy but we need to look the truth in the eyes.

Here it is…..

Digital marketing has nothing to do with likes, shares, tweets or followers. The purpose of digital marketing is not to make your ego feel good about the number of people that is following you or to help you justify time spent on the internet.

And that’s all. That’s the story. The end. Finito.

So if it’s not about likes, shares and the rest of the cool stuff, what is it about?

It is all about how much value you can deliver for your customer money. It is about making sales happen.

Simple as that.

So how should we set up digital strategy to get awesome ROI and close some sales?

Here are a few tips you could use:

  1. Create your Omni channel strategy to be aligned with company sales strategy
  2. Everything you do should be customer centric, not brand centric (except if you have multimillion dollar marketing budget)
  3. Add value to your potential customers and make their life/business better
  4. Always be closing
  5. Continue going the extra mile so you could create brand ambassadors

Mentioned all above, we are on right track to set up digital strategy, but before we do that, there is one step we should take care of – foundation.

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13 Digital Marketing Experts Make Bold Predictions for 2016

Are you wondering where you should be spending your time and efforts when it comes to marketing your business in 2016?

Whether it’s online marketing or social media marketing, things change…sometimes too often.

With social media platforms constantly evolving and new ones being created, it can be hard to know where you should spend your time. While this ultimately depends on your market and business goals, it can helpful to see what the experts are predicting. This is why I asked 13 top digital marketing experts what digital trends they see in the New Year as well as what they are planning to focus their energies on.

I wasn’t shocked to hear a lot of similar predictions come up. One thing is certain…there is a dramatic shift towards video and live streaming in 2016 as it allows more personal access to experts and topics that are of interest.

Here’s what the experts had to say when I asked them what digital marketing trends they see for 2016 and where they personally plan to spend more or less time this coming year.

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Top 4 challenges small digital marketing agencies are facing

Do you know who is Eric Moussambani?

Famous Olympic swimmer…you know him, right?

I bet you don’t.

Let me tell you his story.

Eric Moussambani was the first swimmer on Olympic Games 2000 who  came from Equatorial Guinea.

The funny thing about Eric is that he got to the Olympics on wildcard without even meeting minimum qualification requirement for participating at the games.

But that is not all.

Even more fascinating about him is that – he won a race.

Yup, the guy that has never seen 50m swimming pool before the Olympic games won a race event though he was almost three times slower than his competitors.

One thing I would like to share with all of you is this – small guys can beat big ones.

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How to make outsourced development work as inhouse development?

Were you ever in a position of contracting someone to do office cleaning or maybe to fix your company car instead of you? Do you have people around you that you can share some tasks or you do everything by yourself? I can bet you were at least once in your career in position of hiring some professional to do some specific job for you that you were not skilled for (or didn’t wanted/have time to do it yourself), but how did you manage to contract and engage them properly in order to get the best results?

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8 things you should know about hiring outsourcing team

If you`re currently considering hiring outsourcing company or individual for a project you have and you want to know how to do it you’re on the right spot. Let me help you do it properly, because when you are starting a software development project for a first time it’s tempting to hire the least expensive developer (I admit it sounds like a good idea) that you can find on the market that seems capable. Read more

Once upon a time there was a market where demand was higher than the offer but in a last few year’s market developed in such a way that what was working yesterday is just not good enough for today, and even needed to be re-invented for tomorrow if we would like to be in business. Everyone we talk to tells us similar story: margins are squeezed to the minimum, clients expect new offerings, new fresh ideas and new approach, competitors are better than ever and competition is getting bigger each day. And on the top of that, clients are more educated and more demanded then before. Having all of that in mind, today is much easier than 10 years ago to lose a good client and watch him goes to your biggest competitor. How to stop loosing clients? Yep, even in creative industry like yours it is tough to stay on the top and have satisfied clients. If you would like to keep your renewal lifetime clients happy, a few criteria should be met: #Industry knowledge Today more than ever marketing agencies need to be more than just regular service providers. They need to be strategic partners to their clients and be able to make a positive impact on their business. In order to do that, you as digital marketing agency must know your clients industry inside out. By knowing your clients daily business issues you will be in a position to make proactive ideas that can change their world. #Cutting edge Clients are being asked to deliver more with less and are seeking a “better, faster, cheaper” attitude from agencies all the time. Because we are also in service business as software development company, we are quite familiar that good – cheap – fast principle is just not working (or really rarely). So one of the option is to always be on cutting edge with new technologies, new methodologies and new approach that will give you added value and make you be one step in front of your competitor. #Focusing on outcomes Agencies that focus primarily on deliverables and lack systems to show how those outputs affect on clients business will have a hard time proving they are worth the money for the clients. What you could do is to adapt your strategy to be based on performance (outcomes not outputs), and commit to exceeding ROI that is agreed. # Underpromising, overdelivering One of the most common reason why companies switch their digital marketing agencies is because the agencies tends to overpromise what can be achieved for a client. By doing business that way, expectations can get too high and when delivery lacks, client is forced to move on. Beware of that most reasons why relationships go bad is that people doesn’t manage expectations properly. #No Self-interest There is no free lunch, that is true story and in most cases it doesn’t mean clients don’t want their agencies to make more money, in fact, when a client loves what their agency is doing for them, they will find a way to help the agency grow. But one thing that clients don’t like is when the agency is serving only themselves. For example if you are recommending some specific media buy because it is best for you because of the commission structure and not for your client it is not going to be good for a long run. If you get your client in a position that he is thinking if you are suggesting some creative idea because you think it will drive his sales or win awards you are loosing him. Put your client on first place and they will help you grow on a longer term.

Why digital marketing agencies lose clients?

Once upon a time there was a market where demand was higher than the offer but in last few years market developed in such a way that what was working yesterday is just not good enough today, and even needs to be re-invented for tomorrow if we would like to be in business.

Everyone we talk to tells us a similar story: margins are squeezed to the minimum, clients expect new offerings, new fresh ideas and new approach, competitors are better than ever and competition is getting bigger each day. And on the top of that, clients are more educated and more demanding than before.

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Why do digital marketing agencies need recurring revenue?

Why digital marketing agency need recurring revenue?


Running a digital marketing agency is an amazing thing to do. You have the privilege of doing creative, meaningful job while interacting with great brands, making real impact on people`s daily lives while implementing your out- of- the – box thinking into reality.

Amazing, right?

But sometimes, when the end of the month comes and when you need to pay salaries and tax , fun part is gone. And if you didn’t have enough projects that month, it can be a really though period for digital marketing agency.

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