Top 4 challenges small digital marketing agencies are facing

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Do you know who is Eric Moussambani?

Famous Olympic swimmer…you know him, right?

I bet you don’t.

Let me tell you his story.

Eric Moussambani was the first swimmer on Olympic Games 2000 who  came from Equatorial Guinea.

The funny thing about Eric is that he got to the Olympics on wildcard without even meeting minimum qualification requirement for participating at the games.

But that is not all.

Even more fascinating about him is that – he won a race.

Yup, the guy that has never seen 50m swimming pool before the Olympic games won a race event though he was almost three times slower than his competitors.

One thing I would like to share with all of you is this – small guys can beat big ones.


And Eric had shown us how.


David Vs Goliath

As Eric, our brave friend showed, everything is possible if you have determination and focus. I strongly believe that small digital marketing agencies are Davids of new age.

In the century of hype of everything digital, small agencies have a very challenging task to beat big agencies with huge budgets and “fat” clients.

So what would help small digital marketing agency to beat big brother?

If you stay with us in next few minutes I will try to name all things that can be challenging for digital marketing agencies so we could find a solution together.


Serving big clients


Small agencies can struggle sometimes to figure out how they can service a very large client, especially when they don’t know they have what it takes.

And sometimes big fish clients look like hill you can’t climb. But reality is often very much different. Really big agencies has very big appetite so small projects can’t make them happy and those are mostly the ones that can be open for everyone, even for small agency like you.

The only thing you should do is be specialist in something that is not in the focus of big agencies.

One more thing that is challenging is branding. Small agencies tend to neglect their own branding but it is crucial for your positioning toward big clients.


Chasing new business


Chasing after new business is so vital to small digital agencies that sometimes it can be hard to maintain your existing accounts. If you want your business to grow, you have to commit to new chase for new leads, new opportunities. And this is a never-ending story for small agencies.

Networking with potential clients can put you on the map for future projects where your small agency might be a good fit, instead of someone else.

With so much going on in the world of digital marketing these days, sometimes it takes a lot of work to submit great proposals. And sometimes it seems like all the work for new business is waste of time, especially when you have to keep up the good work for current clients at the same time.


Losing unique value proposition


As much as creating unique value proposition is hard, losing it is so easy. If you are a small digital agency chasing for new business and focusing on delivering amazing stuff to your existing clients you can easily fall in trap of losing your unique value by getting whatever type of a job you can.

By saying that, it’s very important to identify what your agency stands for and what industries you can serve the best so your unique value proposition becomes your best brand ambassador.

Technology (r)evolution


One thing small businesses have comparing to large agencies is tremendous expertise and flexibility, regarding new technologies and trends.

In the era when you need to be constantly aware of new emerging social media trends, for your clients it can be challenging to juggle the old with the new and this is where small agencies come forth.

You can bring added value to your clients only if you are able to stay updated on the emerging digital front.



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