Why web design should be the foundation of your digital marketing strategy?

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We need to face it. I know it’s not going to be easy but we need to look the truth in the eyes.

Here it is…..

Digital marketing has nothing to do with likes, shares, tweets or followers. The purpose of digital marketing is not to make your ego feel good about the number of people that is following you or to help you justify time spent on the internet.

And that’s all. That’s the story. The end. Finito.

So if it’s not about likes, shares and the rest of the cool stuff, what is it about?

It is all about how much value you can deliver for your customer money. It is about making sales happen.

Simple as that.

So how should we set up digital strategy to get awesome ROI and close some sales?

Here are a few tips you could use:

  1. Create your Omni channel strategy to be aligned with company sales strategy
  2. Everything you do should be customer centric, not brand centric (except if you have multimillion dollar marketing budget)
  3. Add value to your potential customers and make their life/business better
  4. Always be closing
  5. Continue going the extra mile so you could create brand ambassadors

Mentioned all above, we are on right track to set up digital strategy, but before we do that, there is one step we should take care of – foundation.



If we are talking about one single thing that would be foundation of all digital marketing strategies what would that be?

It’s starting and ending points.

It’s web design.

Let’s take a deeper look at what ingredients make web design so valuable in digital marketing strategy.



Web design ingredients


#Differentiation > Do you have an idea how many web sites are out there on the web? 1 billion. Yup, you heard it very well, 1 and 9 zeros. I think it is more than obvious how important it is for your web site to stand out. While setting up your digital strategy, think carefully what kind of impression you would like to make on your web site visitors so you could get the best results from your digital appearance. And while making it, have in mind that your goal should be to make the “Wow” effect.

#Lead generation > Leads are what makes your business healthy. Without them your business is dead sooner or later (most probably sooner) and with enough leads you can make it happen in the longer run. You could have great content or some paid add campaigns set up correctly but if you don’t set up your web site to be lead sticky you would have challenges in new sales generation and your digital strategy ROI won’t be high. This is why it is so important that in early stage of your digital strategy you implement as much lead generation triggers as possible so you could be able to get as many emails, telephone numbers or some other contact details as possible  that you can use for your sales team to follow up. Web design that make your digital appearance lead sticky is your most valuable sales asset.

#UX/Design  > Saying all above, what is left to say about UX? Forget about all the fancy, shining things that you saw somewhere and focus on what kind of value your customers are searching for and be sure that your UX will get them great experience while utilizing your content. I can’t stress enough how much it is important that you would have your sales strategy in mind while implementing UX.

#ROI > What is it that you would like to get from your web site? Lead? Something else? Whatever is your target ROI from the web site, your building process should start from ROI and defining what kind of ROI you would like to get from your web site and what kind of UX, design or conversions you would need in order to succeed.

#Conversions > If leads are your company’s blood , than conversions are your company’s blood cells. Having in mind that if you attract web site visitors and do nothing with them, your ROI will not be achieved. Correctly positioned CTAs means that your web site will be able to help you create valuable, targeted leads and to convert them into happy, recurring customers of yours.



Even though at the first glance web design seems like pure technical thing, it has a lot more to do with business. Creating a web site so just you should have one is a secure way of you burning out your money and getting out almost nothing, so keep in mind that everything you do on the web should be first sales/business driven and then technologically implemented.


And not vice versa.


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