Dear WSI IC,

Personally, I’m operating in the IT sector since 1996. I’ve built my first website in 1999. and ran my first SEO campaign in 2001. Orange Hill Development company is operating since 2007. So far we’ve built more than 150 websites and helped our clients such as The Coca-Cola Company, Carlsberg, Burn, and Nestea to achieve their digital goals.

We have been an Authorized WSI Supplier for more than two years, and we understand that the two most important services ICs require and often sell as ‘foot-in-the-door’ services are Website Development and SEO.

We’ve decided to create the best possible pricing offer to WSI ICs while making sure that these important traits of our service are preserved:

    • Quick response
    • Great quality of services performed
    • Quality Assurance (QA) before project delivery conducted by a skilled professional
    • Timely project delivery

I will personally work with you to help you sell the service to your client, free of charge!

Feel free to write us an email at [email protected] or simply schedule the call by clicking here!

Tihomir Opacic

Tihomir Opacic

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What product or service does ORANGE HILL DEVELOPMENT offer?

Orange Hill Development offers top quality programming services including: Website design and development, Magento E-commerce development and maintenance, mobile app development, WordPress development and maintenance, Newsletter template creation and maintenance, web based app development such as Facebook apps and implementation of third party tools and services to existing websites. For the projects that we’ve built we offer server hosting tech support and maintenance.

How can I make money selling ORANGE HILL DEVELOPMENT?

ICs can make money selling our services by charing their clients a higher price.

Do I need any specific training or certification to use ORANGE HILL DEVELOPMENT? If yes, where can I access that training? How long will it take to complete?


Is the ORANGE HILL DEVELOPMENT product or service white-labeled with the WSI brand or do I present this as ORANGE HILL DEVELOPMENT brand name product/service to my clients?

Orange Hill Development services can be white-labeled with the WSI brand as long as we’re able to showcase the project within our portfolio on K2 and/or on our company website.

How do I log-in/access to my ORANGE HILL DEVELOPMENT account?

ICs don’t need to login to access our services.

How does ORANGE HILL DEVELOPMENT’s product or service get deployed to WSI Consultants? To end clients?

Orange Hill Development helps ICs through the entire project lifetime: before the project start we’re offer technical consultation free of charge to help ICs close the deal, and after we complete the project we deploy the solution to end client’s infrastructure, or help to setup a new infrastructure that will support the project.

Who do I contact for support? Is any special support available to WSI Consultants?

Please contact us at [email protected] or call +381.64.167.7367.